Park your cars at your own online parking lot and increase your customers thru

Park your cars at your own online parking lot and increase your customers thru

Are you running a car rental company in Dubai? Do you have difficulty renting some cars from your parking lot while your competitor renting vehicles more quickly? Are your cars parked in the parking lot waiting for you to rent out?


Park your unlimited cars at YOUR OWN “Online Smart Parking Lot” and … increase your vehicles day by day in your fleet. Where will advertise for you to bring international & UAE resident customers – is the best car rental online marketplace in Dubai. We are here to improve YOUR CAR RENTAL BUSINESS with excellent customer care.


Find people who want to rent a car … or rather get found by people in Dubai who want to hire a car for a day, month or even a year.


You will not only receive phone calls, e-mails or what’s app inquiries  but you may receive direct confirmed booking in the back-end Caryaati Fleet Management & Accounting System, from UAE residents and tourists visiting the Emirate who are interested in the cars you have in the online parking lot for rent.


Advertise with the right channel is designed to connect customers directly to car rental companies that offer specific cars that they want to rent. To simplify the search for users looking for cars for rent, important filters and functions are available to users. Thanks to this, Caryaati users can improve their search depending on the budget, type of car and other preferences. Time to rely on loyal customers, has gone. Customers are smarter than ever, thanks to the abundance of information available at your fingertips.


Conventional online marketing is antiquated

The bombardment of e-mails and SMS marketing on customer lists that you have bought or considered buying from online marketing companies is rarely profitable. This is certainly more damage than going back in the long run. Mainly because these lists are databases of irrelevant sources that do not even know that cars can be rented in Dubai. Marketing for customers who are not subscribers to receive promotions from you is not only bad practice, but it can also result in a criminal offense. On the other hand, we understand our audience and we are strongly present in social networks, as well as campaigns targeting Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Google to select the right audience for your cars.


While these campaigns can stimulate queries in the blink of an eye, they can also hurt your brand because you’re getting more and more clicks on “Report spam” and “I never subscribed”. Furthermore, your website’s reputation can be at risk instead of increasing rental orders.


Good Public Relations is the key required

In the present digitalized era, well-known car rental brands and those that are considering to gain importance in the car rental industry must take this into account. Keep in mind before you start another campaign of email marketing.


Target audiences are on and find our site for one main reason: they want to compare prices and rental cars in Dubai. These cars can be economical cars, such as Kia Picanto, Honda Civic, Hyundai Accent or Chevrolet Cruze, all the way to SUVs such as Ford Edge, Nissan Patrol, Chevrolet Tahoe or Kia Sportage, and even luxury cars such as BMW, Ferrari 458, Audi A5 or Mercedes Benz, to name a few.


Advertise to interested audiences

Visitors to our site are those who want to rent a car in Dubai. This is evidenced mainly by the average time spent on, about 7 minutes per session. But most importantly, because our car rental partners will tell you how efficient is our customer service and our system.


Do you want to be a Partner with Caryaati?

Send us a request for a Demo to find out why you should do it and how you can advertise and park your unlimited cars on To learn more about how Caryaati can help you expand your car rental business, contact us on, What’s App or Call on +971 (54) 3363 900.