8 Top class Car Photo shoot Ideal Locations in Dubai

8 Top class Car Photo shoot Ideal Locations in Dubai

Photographing cars is fun, but it can also be a challenge. The right location can make all the difference.8 Top class car photo shoPhotographing cars are fun, but it can also be a challenge. The right location can make all the difference.8 Top class car photo shoot ideal locations in Dubai is part of the article where we take a tour of beautiful and dramatic car photography spots throughout Dubai for Monthly car rental in UAE. The UAE is becoming a hotbed for photojournalists and skilled photographers looking for an exotic destination to shoot. No matter where your vehicle is headed, a photo shoot must be taken. Finding the best location for a photo shoot is difficult at times. We have created this guide so that you can grab the best locations for your car photo shoot in Dubai.

8 Top class Car Photo shoot Ideal Locations in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most developed cities in the world, and it is not hard to see why. Its impressive skyline is constantly developing, and there are new attractions being built every day. It is the city of luxury and extravagance in the UAE and is home to some of the world's most luxurious cars. The most famous were Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Mercedes-Benz S Class, and Porsche. Dubai has always been a great place for reality TV shows in which they show the luxury lives of celebrities who are based there.  

Car photo shoots are one of the most sought-after services provided by advertising freelancers. A car photo shoot is a great tool used by both commercial and regular advertisers and businesses. It is used to create a connection between the brand and the public in terms of memories, impressions, or in regard to social media sharing. Most people are not aware of the place where most car photos are taken, and this has turned the whole idea of a car photographer into something which is average. Dubai is the land of supercars, and we would let you in on the best places to shoot your next luxury car or car rental in Dubai air-brushed by nature's hand.

Here are 8 top class car photo shoot ideal locations in Dubai:

The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago that was built with reclaimed land from the sea. It has been designed to look like a palm tree with its trunk at the center of Dubai, where all the villas are located. This ideal location for a car photo shoot offers stunning views over Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai, while you can also capture your car against the backdrop of the city's architecture or even if you want to capture it from underneath!

The World Islands

The World Islands are another great spot for a car photo shoot as they offer stunning views over The Palm Jumeirah and Downtown Dubai. The islands also have some great luxury hotels, such as Rosewood Hotel & Spa and Oberoi Hotel & Tower, that can provide an exciting backdrop for your vehicle photography!

Burj Khalifa

If you want to take a photo with your car near an iconic building, you should go to Burj Khalifa as it's one of the tallest buildings in the world (829 meters). You can take photos from different angles, from behind or below, giving you different perspectives on your photos.

Sheikh Zayed Road (SZR)

Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the most important roads in Dubai because it connects many places such as Business Bay, Al Karama, Emirates Towers, and more. You can take different types of pictures here, especially during nighttime when there are no cars on this road so that you can get a clear shot without any distractions from other vehicles in front.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the best locations for a car photo shoot for Monthly car rental in Dubai. It has a lot of buildings, bridges, and other structures that you can use in your photos. 

Dubai is a top place to do car photo shoots. It has many different locations with beautiful scenery and backgrounds that you can use for your next car shoot. Some of the best places for car photo shoots in Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah beach is one of the most popular places in Dubai, where people spend their weekends with their families or friends. It offers a fantastic view of the sea, sand, and palm trees, making it an ideal location for any photo shoot. The site also has several cafes, restaurants, and bars where you can get refreshments after your photo shoot.    

Burj Al Arab Hotel

Another lovely location in Dubai is the Burj AL Arab, which offers a great perspective of the city from above. Chicago Beach was the original name for the coastal region where the Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel are located. The hotel is situated on a reclaimed island 280 meters (920 feet) offshore from the former Chicago Beach Hotel's beach. There are numerous fantastic cafes and restaurants in this area that you can visit after your photoshoot. It also houses several high-end hotels and resorts, such as the Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel & Residence and the best place for car photography.

Emirates Towers, Dubai Media City

Al Habtoor City, located in Downtown Dubai, is a tranquil haven with 5-star hotels and world-class entertainment, including La Perle DXB, a one-of-a-kind aquatic show with over sixty-five performers.

Habtoor Palace, LXR Hotels & Resorts; V Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton; and Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City are among the world-class mansions constructed by outstanding architects. 

A tennis academy, boutique stores, cafés, and The Atrium, a bustling dining and entertainment venue spanning five levels, are among the impressive alternatives. Blu Dubai, an ultraluxe club with magnificent views from the V Hotel's 32nd floor, offers a more vibrant nightlife choice. This is not a free vehicle photoshoot spot. However, this is one of Dubai’s most exotic automobile photo shoot settings if you can go.


This article will help choose the best photo session places for Monthly car rentals in Dubai, UAE. If you are interested in planning a photo shoot for your car, this article will help you find the best places in Dubai, UAE.