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You are at the right spot for a cheap car rental in Sharjah

As you begin your journey, you can feel the lava of excitement that is going to blast as soon as you grab the suitcase. Get yourself ready once you landed there because real fun begins in Sharjah as we all know that Sharakh is the art capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the top listed destinations for art lovers. Let Caryaati be your holiday companion and visit the famous Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization and the Art Museum. You do not miss seeing the Heritage museum there.


Sharjah is also a wonderfully family-friendly destination, has lots to keep your kids amused, including butterfly houses and underwater experiences. The underwater aquarium is the center of attention for tourists, and no one wants to miss the chance to visit there.


When you visit Sharjah, you must need a car to go to all the amazing places there is no other option than Caryaati rental car in Sharjah

Best car rental services for foreigners

Your ride is your choice At Caeryaati you will find almost all new model vehicles of the various brand for an economy level,  also for our Vip customers. From economical cars like Infiniti q50 to luxurious cars like Caprice, Explorer, Ford Taurus, Toyota Land Cruiser, Lexus, Hummer, Mercedes, Audi q7 and many more. As it's your ride and your choice, we can provide you with the driver, or you can drive on your own.

Daily/ Weekly/Monthly Packages

Pick the one which suits you best, If you visit for a day in Sharjah for an office meeting or a stopover we have the daily rental car in Sharjah package for you. Besides daily charges, you can pick from our other packages such as monthly and weekly packages. If these offers do not suit your budget or schedule, we also offer tailored car rental options for you.

Choose the one which suits you best

Up-Front Pricing
No Hidden Charges

We make sure to let our client knows about the added fuel policy, mileage limit and added the driver so that our clients know about the total fare before they book us.  There is no hidden charges or extra cost we believe in up-front pricing.

Book your ride with us right at affordable rates
We will offer the best car rental service in Sharjah. Why spend thousands of your heard money when you can rent the car with Caryaati and have money left over for a comprehensive getaway souvenir? At Caryaati you will get a cheap car rental service in Sharjah with a high-performance vehicle.


Visit Sharjah for your best holiday destination and allow us to offer the best car rental services in Sharjah. Call us right now and talk to our representative regarding car rental queries. Keep following us we have some special offers for tourists and families.



Stop daydreaming around, book a ride and make it happen and maximize your saving with us.


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