Is there a Need for Car Rental Insurance? Give it a Read

Is there a Need for Car Rental Insurance? Give it a Read

Renting a car with the right kind of insurance provides the level of cover from any risk to save you from paying extra charges for repairs. For people visiting Dubai for the first time, it might get confusing to rent a car from any company offering different services and policies. So before spending extra insurance charges, come to know about the services and main types of car rental insurance

Getting an insured car during your tour to Dubai protects your vehicle and provides various benefits. Save the car damage costs, medical costs, and other risks with the right insurance policies. 

Some Main Types of Car Rental Insurance

As you contact a car rental company in UAE, you know that there are different types of car rental insurance. And the main purpose of hiring a car fully insured is to minimize the risks of any damage. Let's discuss some common types of covers for the rental cars in the following:

1- Collision Damage Waiver

You can save yourself from paying repair costs to the damaged car by getting an insured car offering a collision damage waiver. It should be noted that the car you rent can face any accident while being in your custody. So, CDW allows a person to pay the repair costs to an excess amount stated in the legal agreement. 

Cover your expenses by getting the most recommended insurance cover CDW in case of any repair work. And the financial liability to pay the repair cost depends upon the car rental company and its terms and conditions. 

2- Personal Accident Insurance

In case you have to face any misfortune accident, the PAI policy will help a person save medical costs. Rent a car in UAE which offers you personal accident insurance so that the passengers and the drivers get benefits in emergency care and save medical costs. Up to a certain limit, PAI ensures complete protection in an accidental situation. 

But you don't need to get PAI policies from the car rental company if you already have medical insurance. This insurance covers almost all emergency care and costs in a misfortune accident or accidental death. 

3- Personal Effects Coverage

Get a personal effects insurance coverage to get protection against your stolen goods from the rental car. And the companies offer this insurance cover up to a certain limit under Dubai's Federal Law to cover the liability damage. Cover any damage to your goods or injury in case of an accident by getting this insurance cover. 

4- Miscellaneous Insurance Coverage

There's no specific time to face an accident on the busy roads of Dubai. So, why not get all the protection policies in case of any damage? Get the miscellaneous insurance coverage to cover the damage caused to the windscreen of a car you've rented. Moreover, this insurance covers non-mechanical damages caused to the rental car in case of any damage. 

How Does it Cost to Get Rental Car Insurance in Dubai?

There are different insurance plans that different car rental companies offer in UAE. The insurance cost depends upon the type of cover and the type of car. Moreover, the time duration of insurance plans varies according to your duration of renting a car. Commonly, the car insurance in UAE costs Dh250-Dh550 every month, which you have to renew. But renting an insured car saves you from renewing the plan, and you can also get some discount. 

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Car Rental Insurance UAE

  • Figure out the insurance policies and covers which the car renting company offers in case of any damage or accident
  • Evaluate your medical insurance liabilities to check whether you need specific insurance or not
  • Do your complete research on all types of insurance covers you need before starting your journey
  • The rental vehicle insurance policies mostly provide cover for personal accidents, damage to the car body, and damage to personal belongings
  • There are various benefits of getting an insured car to cover your repair costs on any damage
  • Also, the car rental companies handle all the legal matters in case of an accident
  • Some companies also offer replacement cars to the clients in case of an accident for insurance covers
  • Reduce the financial risk and travel with the complete peace of mind on getting an insurance cover from the company