The Ultimate Guide to Get an International Driving License in the UAE

The Ultimate Guide to Get an International Driving License in the UAE

An international driving license is an essential part of the travel journey if you want to move from one country to another for work or leisure purposes. Moreover, it's necessary to attach the license with your documents on renting a car in Dubai or any part of the world to avoid any trouble. Dubai has great infrastructure performance with smooth roads for people to enjoy driving with ease and comfort. 

If you're a Dubai resident, you have to apply for the legal requirement of a driving license according to Dubai rules and regulations. But if you're an expatriate or tourist visiting Dubai, keep your international driving permit Dubai with you issued by your country. 

What Do You Know About International Driving Permits? 

Every person should have the legal documentation required to drive within or outside the country without any trouble. It should be noted that the main purpose of an international driving license is to drive a car in any other country. Having the validity of one year, you can use this license worldwide to drive your car or a rented car. 

Moreover, the international license is valid for cars and driving motorcycles, buses, trucks, or any other mode of transport. As a foreign tourist or worker who wants to travel to Dubai, you should complete all the legal documentation processes. 

How to Get an International Driving License UAE?

Getting an international driving permit in the UAE demands a set of documentation and steps to follow. Let's discuss the documents you need to get a license to travel anywhere easily:

Valid Passport and Passport Size Photographs

The first and the most important document to attach for applying for an international driving license is a copy of a valid passport. Moreover, the passport should stay valid for at least six more months on the date to apply for a foreign country to visit. Bring your copy and original passport along with you while applying for IDL.

Also, a person needs to attach the passport size photographs to the application form. Make sure that you attach the recent photographs of yourself. 

Identification Proof

While applying for any legal documentation, you must attach your identity proof, such as the attested copy of your ID card or a passport. 

Driving License of the Resident Country

To apply for IDL, you should bring your valid driving license issued from your country. Attach a copy of the valid license of the resident country for further steps of verification. 

Documents to Prove Address Details

Attaching the proof of your address details is a part of applying for an international driving permit in the UAE. Bring the original and copies of the documents that belong to your residence place within a country. 

Another main thing to consider is that don't shift your home address during the application process for any complications. Getting an IDL on time by comleting all the verification details is one of the important tips for driving a rental car in Dubai


Valid Visa

Getting a visa from a foreign embassy is an essential step before travelling to another country for any purpose. And if you want an international driving license in UAE to drive a car, attach a valid visa while applying for the license. Without a valid copy of your visa, it's impossible to move forward. 

Importance of Having an International Driving License in Dubai

Having an international driving permit UAE is important because of the following reasons:

  • IDL is the proof of the valid driving license of a person in the resident country
  • Also, it is a proof of identification of a person
  • The international driving permit protects you from the accidental damage to a vehicle
  • You can get your IDL in ten different languages, which can be helpful in different countries


Keep in mind that an international driving license is essential to drive a car while visiting any other country. Moreover, you can get your IDL easily if you complete all your documentation processes on time. Renting a car in the UAE has become common because of the busy life and to enjoy a comfortable ride. And as a foreign tourist, you must have an international license for the hiring, registration and insurance of cars in any part of the world.