Want to Start a Car Rental Business in Dubai? Learn How!

Want to Start a Car Rental Business in Dubai? Learn How!

Invest your money to get the maximum profits for a high-quality living standard. Dubai is the commercial hub for international business and trade all over the world. Moreover, the trend of tourism has increased to a larger extent in the UAE because of tax exemption, strategic location, and a safe and secure environment. 

A large number of expatriates visit Dubai for work or visit purposes. And most people can't afford to buy a new car. So, people prefer to rent a car in Dubai instead of buying a new one or traveling on public transport. Let's discuss all the steps to start your rental business in the perfect location for making the trips more comfortable and convenient. 

Some Important Steps to Start a Rental Business in Dubai

Dubai, the city of lights, luxuries, amenities, and a large number of facilities is a perfect place to start a business for renting a car. Let's discuss the steps you need to know before starting it in the following:

1- Importance of a Good Location

A physical place is necessary to start a car rental agency in Dubai which can be used as an office for handling all the queries and renting process. So, choose the location for the company carefully because creating a good place creates better opportunities in life. There are two ways to select a location for car rental services which are mainland and free zone locations in Dubai. And choosing the latter one is more cost-effective to deal with the property market. 

Another main thing to consider while selecting a location is to choose it near a station or airport. It's because the expatriates or tourists can easily contact your agency on reaching the sightseeing city Dubai. 

2- Right Choice for Building Fleet

Choose the right kind of vehicles you need to build a fleet of cars and equipment for the customers. There are different types of cars in the market, and Dubai is the city of car enthusiasts. So, choose the car depending upon your target customers and their preference in a professional way. 

For example, choose the affordable car renting services for the employers of Corporate professional levels A or B. On the other hand, if your target audience is tourists, then choose premium or luxury cars. The right choice and proper conditioning of vehicles are necessary for the profit margin of a company. 

3- Make a Clear Plan of Business Activity 

To start a renting car business in Dubai, it's vital to decide your business activities by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). It should be noted that starting a business without mentioning a business activity in Dubai can lead you to unlicensed and unauthorized activities. 

A person has to pay the fine, or even there's a chance of license cancellation. So, make a clear outline of activities to prevent any kind of penalties. 

4- Choose the Name Wisely

"The beginning of all the wisdom starts with the right names and realities". So if you want to grab the attention of clients, then choose the name of the company wisely. The best car rental agency in Dubai obeys the strict naming rules to prevent any hurtful content. Make sure not to use any offensive words while naming your company. In addition, register a unique name that people can remember easily. 

5- License Requirement

A commercial license is necessary before managing car rental services in Dubai. There are some steps to applying for the license application. You have to attach the passport copy of the owner of a rental company and two passport size colored photographs while applying. Moreover, an RTA training is necessary for the owner and all the team members to operate the rental company in Dubai. 

Get the No-Objection certificate from RTA to meet the standards of starting a car renting business in the UAE. The RTA team can visit the company anytime for the inspection of office staff. 

6- Get a UAE Visa

The UAE residents already have a residential visa, so they can apply for starting a business in Dubai easily. But the expatriates who have come to Dubai for work and business purposes need a UAE visa for a business establishment. Your parents or family can also sponsor you for a UAE visa before starting a business. 

7- Market Your Business

Great marketing compels customers to invest in your business. So, following all the above-mentioned steps without marketing isn't that effective for your business. It should be noted that the proper marketing campaign is highly beneficial for promoting your car rental services in Dubai. 


Starting a car rental agency in Dubai is a highly successful career in the world of increasing tourism. The best car rental companies follow all the important procedures for a profitable setup by fulfilling all the legal requirements. We have mentioned all the important steps in the blog which you can follow for a successful business.