5 tips to ease the burden on your pocket, when renting a car in the UAE

5 tips to ease the burden on your pocket, when renting a car in the UAE

Summer is coming, and for many commuters and travelers in the United Arab Emirates, this means negotiating a car rental contract now that many of them are returning from the refreshing holidays of Eid. From loyalty programs to choosing the best place, you can save on the next rental car in many ways.

Follow these five tips that will save you money to take advantage of a better car rental offer in the UAE.

Become a loyal customer:

Most companies in Dubai offer discounts to their loyal customers, where members enjoy certain benefits and privileges. If you have not rented a car at a particular dealer for an extended period, and verbal promises do not work, try paying the extra amount in advance to show your willingness to become a long-term customer. Chances are you qualify for a loyal customer program. However, if you have rented a car from the company for 6 months or more, you may be entitled to free discounts or upgrades.

Zero requirements

Determine the supplements you need in advance, and consider the costs corresponding to the budget.

Points to consider:

  • Car size: Consider the size of the car you rent. Do you need this SUV if you're traveling with another partner?
  • Insurance: Contact an insurance company to check whether the policy includes car rental; Take the insurance card with you. Contact the credit card company to find out if the use of the card ensures its coverage. Thirdly, review the insurance options available from your car rental provider. Although insurance coverage may be necessary, you may not need an expensive comprehensive insurance option.
  • Limit mileage: Consider the distance you would travel every week, and opt for a package of fewer miles if you have to travel a short distance to Dubai. Remember to check how much you will pay for additional miles if needed.
  • Car seats: If you have a year-old child with you and you need to rent a car seat, i.e., AED 30 a day, by buying it separately, you can save money if you need it. Navigation system, MiFi, etc. Consider the additional accessories you need at the rental office.

Keep your options open.

Many customers want to rent only one brand and car model with their eyes closed. We have seen how the much-desired 2014 Nissan Patrol has been rented for twice as much price as the Nissan Xterra 2015. So if you ignore the model, you can do a much better deal for a car or SUV that offers similar space and functionality.

Renting from an airport or hotel

Ignore the car rental terminals at the airport or hotel. You can certainly get a much cheaper deal if you're looking for a car rental in Dubai from the airport or destination country before you reach Dubai. Try Caryaati for an easy search, contact the car showroom directly and pick up the vehicle directly at the arrivals terminal at the airport. Many hotels offer car rental services by companies with which they have associated a premium.

Specify the rental period in advance

How long do you need this rented car? Often, a weekly rate can provide better savings than renting for shorter periods. Rental rates in Dubai are seasonal. Higher in the winter because more and more tourists visit the emirate, and the demand for car rental is more robust. During this time, weekend rates are higher. Try several combinations when choosing a rental period.


Understanding the policy of renting. Is there a penalty for appeal? How much does it cost if you return the rented car for an hour or two?

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