Discover The Rich Heritage of Dubai with Caryaati Rent-a Car Solution

Discover The Rich Heritage of Dubai with Caryaati Rent-a Car Solution

Dubai has tall buildings, modern wonders to look for, and a fascinating history. If you're curious about the old side of Dubai, Caryaati Car Rental Solution is here to help.

Imagine narrow market streets near Dubai Creek filled with shops selling spices, silk, and extraordinary Arabian perfumes called oud. These places, known as souks, are a window to Dubai's early days. Bastakiya, Bur Dubai, and Deira districts around Dubai Creek have many stories to tell.

Sip traditional tea in old-style houses to get a feel of Dubai's culture. Visit the Dubai Heritage Museum to see how people lived before oil was found.

Discovering Dubai's Cultural Heritage: Why it Matters.

Take a trip to the desert with Caryaati, either to a desert camp or on a desert safari. You'll learn about traditional Bedouin transportation, food, clothes, etc.

Art lovers, check out Arabic calligraphy – a beautiful form of writing that's been around for ages. For sports enthusiasts, Dubai loves traditional sports like camel racing and modern ones.

Dubai's culture is rich, and many old landmarks have been saved. Caryaati Rental Solution is the best car rental in Dubai, ready to help you explore Dubai's cultural wonders.

Historical Sites to Visit

1-Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Watch the charm of old Dubai At Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. It is located along Dubai Creek, a heritage site with most of its original structures.

The wind towers are ionic and made from sandstone, teak, and palmwood. Each narrow alley and cool tower tells a story from a time before the formation of the seven emirates.

Explore the charming streets of Dubai and discover an array of cultural activities, museums, art galleries, and traditional food. Check out the Dubai Calendar, particularly the Sikka Art Fair and Heritage Week, to stay updated about upcoming events.

With more than 50 'houses' to explore, start your journey at the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) for an immersive tour. Deeply dive into the fascinating Coins Museum, where you can see rare coins from the British Empire, India, and pre-independence regional countries.

2-Dubai Museum

Built in 1787, the fort served various purposes, from a monarch's base and fortified residence to a weapons arsenal and prison. It underwent renovation during Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum's reign.

In 1971, the same year the United Arab Emirates was established, the fort transformed into the Dubai Museum. You can witness daily life in Dubai before the discovery of oil in the UAE. 

The galleries showcase scenes from historic Arab homes, mosques, souks, and desert and marine life, offering insights into the city's original heritage and history.

Explore the museum to trace the city's growth story, including the region's rich history of pearl diving. Actual weights and scales from that era are on display, along with items dating back to 3000 BC, meticulously preserved. Witness the stark contrast between old and modern Dubai, developed in just a few years. It is located at the southern end of Dubai Creek, and the museum invites you to discover the captivating history of this dynamic city.

3-Jumeirah Archaeological Site

Tucked inconspicuously amid the modernity of Dubai's 'Beverly Hills in Jumeirah, this site predates anything else in the city. Unlike hidden gems, the Jumeirah Archaeological Site proudly showcases its treasures, offering a doubly satisfying discovery of ancient history.

Discovered in 1969 and fully excavated in 2020, the site spans 80,000 sqm of flat, vacant land adorned with nearly millennium-old walls. It provides an unobstructed view of the city's contemporary skyline, a juxtaposition of standing in the past while gazing into the future.

The visitor's centre, inaugurated by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed, welcomes history enthusiasts and unsuspecting tourists. 
With informative boards breaking down historical data, visitors can stroll through time, immersing themselves in the Abbasid era from the 9th to 11th centuries.

Resonating with Jumeirah's modern residential character, this historic site once housed structures from the 10th-century Abbasid period. Though these buildings are no longer, their remnants linger in the ruins. The historical plot comprises eight structures, including houses, a mosque, a marketplace, and a caravanserai—an inn with a central courtyard for travellers unique to North African deserts.

4-Heritage Village

Explore Abu Dhabi's Heritage Village, a family-friendly destination offering a journey into the traditional desert way of life. Nestled on Marina Mall Island near the city centre, this immersive village is a time capsule featuring an old-world souk (market), a mosque, and a camp designed to reflect pre-modern UAE life.

Wander through the traditional oasis village to delve into Abu Dhabi's history. Shop for unique items and witness artisans practising ancient crafts such as pottery-making, glass-blowing, and fabric-weaving on looms.

The village proudly hosts the Emirates Heritage Club, organizing workshops on traditional crafts—Marvel at artisans showcasing skills like metalwork, pottery, weaving, and yarn spinning. If you're curious, they might even encourage you to try your hand at these traditional trades.

Make sure to visit the village's quaint spice shop, offering an array of dried herbs, handmade soaps, and an abundance of souvenirs to bring a piece of this cultural experience back to your family and friends.

5-Arabic calligraphy workshops

Arabic calligraphy is a beautiful form of art that involves writing and designing letters visually appealingly. It is a unique form of self-expression practised for centuries in Islamic cultures. It is known as khat.

Traditionally created using a reed pen, the earliest style, known as Kufic, features sharp edges and corners. As the art evolved, various styles, such as Thuluth, Diwani, Riq'ah, and more, emerged, each with unique characteristics akin to different font types. The cut of the reed pen's tip is adjusted for each style.

Initially used for communication, Arabic calligraphy has become a popular art form in architecture, decoration, and various design elements. 

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