Maintenance Tips for Rental Cars During Summers in UAE

Maintenance Tips for Rental Cars During Summers in UAE

In the summers, cars are subjected to extreme conditions. Because cars are facing direct exposure to sunlight, they need specific care and attention. If you don't follow the maintenance tips, it may cause damage to the vehicle's surface, fuel leakage, or overheating.

It doesn't matter how well-designed a car is if it doesn't take into account local weather conditions and government-approved criteria. 

If you don’t follow the summer tips after you rent a car in Dubai international city, the summer heat can damage your car in various ways.  Before the start of the summer season, the rental car should be taken care of and maintained. It should be noted that the regular and proper maintenance of cars is essential for safety measures.   The best car rental companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) provide free and frequent vehicle maintenance to their customers. 

Some Essential Car Rental Tips During Summers

Check the Air Conditioning System 

In this scorching heat, no one can imagine traveling without an air conditioner after getting a car rental in Sharjah. As a result, it's essential to verify that your cooling system is working correctly. And it’s necessary to avoid unexpected car rental breakdowns after renting a car in the UAE. 

Check for cooling fluid levels and indicators of leaks as soon as possible and get the problem fixed. If you want to avoid overheating, it's best to inspect your cooling system completely before the season begins.

Filter Working of Rental Car

Dirt and metal pieces that would otherwise be combined with the lubrication system are gathered by the filter. Maintaining clean filters and radiator fans is essential to ensure that your car rental in Sharjah runs smoothly. You can catch more dirt when the filter system is clean.

Pressure Level of Tire

In the summer, the road becomes very hot, and automobile tires suffer the scorching heat. If you want to keep your car's tires at the proper pressure, you should get them checked out regularly. And it is possible to face a leak due to the high temperature. Moreover, the best car rental companies in Dubai ensure the proper working and maintenance of rental cars to avoid any kind of headache. 

Fluid Level in the Car

As lubrication, the fluid in the cheap car rental Abu Dhabi aids in the proper operation of many systems. Therefore, it’s important to check the fluid regularly before you rent a car in Dubai international city for the proper work. The Brake system, power steering lubricants, and engine oil are just a few of the fluids that you should check regularly.

Car protection

During the summer months, there is direct exposure to the sunlight with the body of a car. And it's essential to protect its surface from harmful rays. If you want to get a car rental in Dubai monthly, try to park your car in a covered area where is no direct contact with the sun's rays. 

If you want to explore Dubai or other cities of the UAE after renting a car, it's essential to pay attention to the car covers. Without a cover, you can't protect your car properly from the UV rays. Moreover, your rental car can also face damage due to the sand storms in the UAE which happen often. 

Check the Working of Car Battery

Maintaining the battery of your cheap car rental in Abu Dhabi is essential, especially during the months from May to August. The excessive heat in the environment can trigger the chemical process in the battery reducing the battery's lifetime.

 In addition, the rapid evaporation of battery electrolytes due to excessive heat damages cable connectors and other connection points. A dead car battery might be the consequence of neglecting the vehicle's battery in the first place.

Tips to Avoid Distractions

The more distracted a driver is, the more likely he/she is to be involved in an accident.  Fire might break out at any moment, putting the lives of everybody involved in the tragedy in danger. The driver might be using his/her mobile or chatting to someone else after getting a car rental in Dubai monthly for travel purposes. 

 Driving while arguing with a family member or friend is another common source of driver distraction.  We advise you to keep one's attention only on the road and not engage in any other activities. If you rent a car in Dubai international city, it’s essential to ensure regular maintenance to avoid unexpected accidents. Renting a car in Dubai is as simple as contacting one of the many car rental agencies in the city.


Summer maintenance should always be completed before the season begins. Moreover, if you want to avoid any problems when driving your rented car during the hot summer months, it is recommended that you have routine maintenance. For additional safety and comfort, you may check out our guide on renting a car's must-have equipment.

So, follow the above-mentioned tips after renting a car from Caryaati, one of the best car rental companies in Dubai.