No driving test is required for drivers from 43 different countries who want to drive in the UAE

No driving test is required for drivers from 43 different countries who want to drive in the UAE

The most recent modification by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) concerning these policies was published in the Khaleej Times, and it shows that the license holders are allowed to drive and change their country’s driving license into a UAE one without undertaking any examinations.
Countries Subjected Are.

✔   UK
✔   German
✔   Irish
✔   Italian
✔   French
✔   Spanish
✔   Swedish etc.

North America:
✔   USA

Nippon or Nihon/Japan for locals and Japan for foreigners.
South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Turkey, China etc.


Australia, New Zealand, South Africa; some areas of Europe like Serbia, Montenegro , Iceland.
If your country is listed here then there is no need of going through normal driving tests just exchange your present one with a new UAE License.

This New Rule Has Several Advantages, Including:-

An Easy Driving License Conversion Procedure: 

There has been an initiative by MoI to help newcomers into the United Arab Emirates called “Markhooz”. Formerly, this group had to undergo several tests before they could qualify for a driving permit, which was very stressful and time-consuming. 

However, if you come from any of the 43 validated countries, then this is no longer necessary. The results are less paperwork and stress, as well as quicker acclimatization among expats within the UAE.

Facilitated Mobility: 

One of the biggest challenges faced by people relocating globally is becoming mobile right away. So when it’s a school run in the morning till afternoons, you just feel like running away during weekends; being behind wheels gives you more mobility and freedom. These 43 expat countries can get a car on rent in dubai from caryaati anytime without bothering about driving tests.

Time And Money Saved:

 In addition to ensuring that you avoid taking a driving test, this also means that you will not have to pay for driving lessons or testing fees. This could sometimes be a huge relief, especially when one is just starting and the relocation process is taking up much of their financial resources.

How to exchange your license

To switch driving license in UAE, follow these simple steps:

Eligibility Check: 

Confirm whether your country is on the list of 43 eligible states.

Document Collection: 

Have original driver’s permit together with residence permit copies, passport copies and latest photo.

Pay a Visit to the Licensing Centre:

Go to the local traffic department or licensing centre with these papers.

Make Payment For The License: 

A small fee has to be paid for exchanging the licenses.

Your UAE License Comes Next: 

Your UAE driving license shall be given after some processing.

Residents from 43 countries can now drive in the United Arab Emirates without undergoing any tests.
Automatic UAE licenses are granted to drivers who have driving licenses from thirty-two approved nations. They include the United States (USA), The United Kingdom (UK), Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and China. Nevertheless, if you come from a country not on the pre-approved list, your license will not be recognized in the UAE.

Is it possible for a foreigner to drive with an international driving license in the UAE?

Only visit visa holders can use international driving licenses. This means that residence and Golden visa holders cannot operate vehicles on them. Also, the insurance company for the car used should give permission for transit visa visitors.

How good is a UAE driver’s license?

A UAE driver’s license is valid in all other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states as well as within the United Arab Emirates itself. Thus, citizens and residents with a valid UAE driver’s license are authorized to operate vehicles within Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and beyond.