Visit One of the Best Attractions in Sharjah with Caryaati Rental Solutions

Visit One of the Best Attractions in Sharjah with Caryaati Rental Solutions

Khorfakkan is a small but charming city on the Gulf of Oman shoreline in the Sharjah emirate of the United Arab Emirates. It is renowned for its fertile land, the only natural deep seaport, and the Hajar Mountains.

If you're interested, we can take you on a tour to Khorfakkan from Dubai and back. Which option is to travel by local transport or rent a car? Renting a car is the more suitable option as you enjoy the trip with freedom. We'll inform you about Caryaati Rental Solutions services to find the best Car for rent in Sharjah.

Start your journey from Dubai early in the morning by renting a car through Caryaati. Then, head towards the northeast, take the E311 exit, turn towards Sharjah Airport, and continue driving until you reach your destination.

Moving to Khorfakkan Beach 

The newly constructed road by the Sharjah Government is a marvel, reducing travel time from Dubai to Khorfakkan to a mere 40 minutes, down from 90 minutes. This 89-kilometer road, starting from the Sharjah section of Emirates Road (E311 or Bypass Road), features five tunnels, each cutting through the picturesque Hajar Mountains. Notably, the longest tunnel spans 2.5 kilometres, ranking as the longest land-based tunnel in the Middle East. 

The smooth, two-lane road allows for a serene drive, passing through the captivating Hajar Mountain range, considered one of the world's oldest. As you approach Khorfakkan, the air becomes saltier, signalling the proximity of the sea. The rugged and crusted Hajar Mountains provide a stunning backdrop throughout the journey, making the drive memorable.

Khor Fakkan Beach

Khorfakkan, in Sharjah, is a picturesque city on the Sea of Oman. It is celebrated for its fertile land, the only natural deep seaport, and the renowned Hajar Mountains. Embark on a journey to Khorfakkan from Dubai, starting early in the morning in a 4x4. 

The new road by the Sharjah Government offers a breathtaking drive, reducing travel time to an astonishing 40 minutes. Stretching 89 kilometres with five tunnels through the rugged Hajar Mountains, the road ensures a safe and pleasurable journey. 

The longest tunnel, spanning 2.5 kilometres, is the Middle East's most giant land-based tunnel. It has golden sands, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life. Shark Island and other nearby islands make it an ideal holiday destination in Sharjah.

It is implemented by the mesmerizing Rufasah Dam, a hidden gem featuring a serene dam surrounded by lush greenery. 

Khorfakkan Beach Activities

Khorfakkan Beach offers many engaging activities and a rich display of natural wonders. Visitors can enjoy observing marine life, bask in the soothing sounds of waves, or indulge in a serene reading experience. Noteworthy activities include:

Shark Island: 
Despite its name, Khorfakkan Beach has had zero shark attacks. Snorkelers may encounter black-tip reef sharks, fish, and turtles, especially from November to April.

Dibba Island: 
Dibba Island contains a variety of marine wildlife, including turtles, jawfish, batfish, clownfish, and diverse corals. So, for marine lovers, it is a must-visit place.

Coral Gardens:
The Coral Gardens are home to fascinating marine animals like guitar sharks and crocodile fish. They make the sea look even more stunning.

Full-Day Engagement: 
Khorfakkan Beach offers a full-day experience. Visitors can pack a barbecue, set up a tent, bring mats, and enjoy reading, running, swimming, and soaking in the sea views.

Water Sports: 
On the beach, There are water sports like parasailing, kite surfing, and snorkelling. Dhow cruise gives you a unique beach experience. Water sports are a must-try, as they will enhance your enjoyment.

Khorfakkan Beach caters to diverse interests, ensuring visitors' memorable and enjoyable day.

Tranquil Setting: 
The beach's secluded location shields it from strong winds, creating an ideal environment for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

Scenic Underwater Views: 
Outdoor enthusiasts must explore the underwater scenery, which showcases the beauty and vibrancy of marine life.

Entry and Timing

Entry Ticket: Entry tickets are not required for Khorfakkan Beach. Travellers can contact reputable travel agencies for reservations and packaged deals that may include beach trips.

Timing: While there is no specific "good time" to visit the beach, early mornings are recommended for those interested in water sports.

Friday Market
Despite its name, the Friday Market operates beyond just Fridays and is a treasure trove for visitors. Delight your senses with vibrant fruits, intricate earthen potteries, and exquisite carpets that beckon your attention. Capture the vivid scenes of neatly arranged fruits and pottery, making for picture-perfect moments. 

Engage in the lively tradition of bargaining, a must-do, and relish the experience with friendly shopkeepers. A pitstop at this bustling market promises not just shopping but also local delights, from sandwiches to delightful egg wraps. Tourists are advised to seek guidance from their drivers for the best insights and recommendations.

Accommodation Near Khorfakkan Beach

The best hotel in Khorfakkan Beach is The Oceanic Resort and Spa. It is known for its beautiful sunsets and quiet atmosphere. This resort has a temperature-controlled swimming pool and beach sports like volleyball and tennis. It is an excellent place to rest after a day of exploring.

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Title: Discover Khorfakkan Beach: A Must-Visit Attraction in Sharjah with Caryaati Rental Solutions.