What is Salik ? Create your Salik Account 2022 for Automated Toll Taxation

What is Salik ? Create your Salik Account 2022 for Automated Toll Taxation

Familiarize yourself with the Salik Tag first if you are thinking of buying a new car or renting a car in Dubai. Dubai has strict road transportation rules and toll taxation rules for smooth traffic flow. So, the UAE government charges this road tax called Salik on moving through some specific checkpoints. 

Enjoy the smooth and hassle-free car rental services by using this electronic toll system feature for travelling on various roads of the UAE. The Road and Transport Authority of UAE introduced this electronic tool process in 207 for the clear and easy movement of vehicles. 

In this article, we are going to provide you with a complete guide from getting the tag of Salik to recharging it for the toll payments. 

What is Salik? Everything You Need to Know About It

For smooth and hassle-free transportation in UAE, the government has made some rules for taxation and toll payments. The car rental companies in Dubai also need to ensure the creation of a Salik account for their cars before renting them to people. To pass through different tolling points, ensure that you have attached the Salik tag on your car with the frequency technology for the rapid identification of your car. 

Salik Tag: Automated Toll Taxation Feature

If you don't want to pay the road taxes manually by stopping your rental car at different checkpoints, then getting a Salik tag is the best thing to do. It's the automated feature to deduct the toll taxes by identifying the car through Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID). 

So, make your fare deduction easy and hassle-free by sticking this tag on your cars for quick automated detection. Getting this tag is an essential part of travel journey just like getting the international driving license in the UAE before buying a new car or getting car rental services on visiting this country. 

Ways of Creating Salik Account

Creating a Salik account is a vital step for the companies before they provide cars for rent in UAE. So, get Salik registration today through the Salik website. Download the application form, and fill it out to get a Salik Tag for the cost of AED 120. You can also visit RTA Salik centers or the nearest petrol stations for it under AED 100. Then visit Dubai banks such as Dubai Islamic bank, Emirate bank, or any bank closer to your place to complete the further application process. 

Login to your account by entering the Salik id and pin code you receive on your registered phone number through RTA. After completing these steps, you will get Salik Tag easily. Attach it to the windshield of your car for the automated and technology-based detection of your car. Moreover, ensure the tag before renting a car in Dubai to enjoy your journey. 

Visit the website Salik.ae to get any more information or clear your queries about getting the tag or having multiple registered cars. One main thing to consider is that the car rental companies UAE have mostly a single Salik registration account for multiple registrations of cars for rent under different tags in the same Emirate. In addition, some basic documentation process is required for this automated tool taxation feature. And the most important documents are identification documents such as ID card or license card and the registration copy of the car. 

Salik Account Free of Fine or Other Penalties

No one wants to get charged under Roads and Transport Authority rules for toll taxation. So, make sure that your Salik account is free of fines and other penalties. The most important thing to do in this regard is to regularly recharge the Salik account to avoid any trouble at the checkpoints. Moreover, ensure the presence of tag every time crossing through some specific Salik gates to avoid any type of fine. 

Another main thing to consider is that you should inform the transport authorities of Dubai about changing the number plate or selling your car to another person. For the first time on passing through Salik checkpoints without its tag, you have to pay AED 100. And on the second time, the authorities will fine AED 200, and AED 400 the next every time. 

Ending Note

Technology has made the lives of people easier by providing a smooth flow of life in every aspect. Such as you can now enjoy a comfortable ride in your rental car without stopping at different tool stations for paying tool charges. Ensure the Salik tag on the windshield of the car, and enjoy the automated car detection for deducting tool taxes. 

Keep checking your Salik account balance to avoid any trouble in the future or to avoid any kind of fine. You can also contact the transport and road authorities of UAE to clear any query you want.