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Rent a Station Wagon with Caryaati Car Rental.

Caryaati's station wagon rentals are the perfect combination of practicality and comfort. Our station wagons offer spacious and comfortable transportation whether you travel long distances with up to four passengers or need to move bulky items.

Renting a station wagon at Caryaati is fast and easy. Use our user-friendly online booking form to choose pickup and drop-off locations and indicate your rental period and expected mileage. We will quickly process your request and send you a detailed quote, for example, a Mercedes C-Class or a similar vehicle from our fleet. Once confirmed, you can collect your rental car in person by presenting your reservation confirmation.

Rent a Station Wagon - space for the whole family.

Rent a practical station wagon for ample storage space and driving comfort. These vehicles provide excellent driving safety and low fuel consumption.

Station Wagon Rental- the family car among rental cars

The station wagon has a large loading area for people and bulky objects. For example, suppose you want to store a pram and several suitcases. In that case, the cargo space of a station wagon offers you enough space. The station wagon typically has five doors and a tailgate for easy loading from all sides. The fold-down rear seats provide extra space for large purchases or trips to furniture stores, allowing loading up to the front seats. Most models also allow folding down only half of the rear seat when another passenger needs to ride along, providing maximum flexibility.

Tips for a cheap Station Wagon Rental

✔   When renting a car, return it with a full tank to avoid additional charges.
✔   Inquire with the rental company about additional services, such as free mileage, winter tyres, or an extra driver.
✔   Consider your security needs and insurance options, whether fully comprehensive insurance with excess suits you or if you prefer comprehensive protection with no excess.
✔   If you need extra storage space, inquire about the availability of the rental company's roof boxes or bike rack.
✔   Pre-book child seats and navigation equipment if needed.
✔   Ask the provider to demonstrate how you plan to fold down the rear seats.
✔   Find a suitable rental car that meets your needs for comfortable and affordable transportation to your destination.

Why Choose a Station Wagon?                                                                                   

In today's auto world, where crossovers are the norm, station wagons stand out for several reasons.                                                                                                                              

1. Practicality

Station wagons provide enough space inside and a lower loading height than other cars, making them ideal for easily carrying bulky items. Some even come with rear-facing seats to accommodate more passengers in an emergency.

2. Handling

Station wagons have better handling and a more connected driving experience than crossovers because they have a lower centre of gravity. They respond quickly and confidently, especially on corners, enhancing driving enjoyment.

3. Efficiency

Because of their sleeker, aerodynamic profiles and lighter weight, station wagons are more fuel-efficient than many SUVs. Models like the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen with diesel engines offer impressive fuel economy without compromising cargo space.

4. Capability

Many station wagons have all-wheel drive options that ensure excellent traction and confidence in various driving conditions, whether rain, snow, or rough terrain; wagons such as Audi Allroad or Volvo V60 Cross Country excel in capability.

5. Individuality

Having a station wagon sets you apart from the mainstream. Its unique spaciousness, functionality, and style lets you stand out on the road and enjoy a practical and distinctive vehicle.

Choosing a station wagon means embracing a vehicle that efficiently meets practical needs, enhances your driving experience with superior handling, and provides a unique sense of style that stands out in today's crowded automotive market.

Key Advantages of Car Rental With Caryaati

Excellent Rental Conditions: Enjoy our top offers and rent the perfect car at unbeatable prices.

Safety and Environmental Awareness: Every customer receives a brief orientation during the handover to ensure safe travel from point A to point B. We prioritize safety and environmental technology when selecting our rental vehicles and quickly adopt new technologies and trends.

Frequently asked questions about Station Wagon.                                                                              

How much does it cost to rent a station wagon?                                                                                                   

A rental car, Station Wagon, costs an average 100 AED per day.

How much does it cost to rent a station wagon per week?                                                                       

A Station Wagon rental car costs AED 630 per week or AED 75 daily.                                                      

Can a person rent a car without a credit card at Station Wagon?                                                      

Unfortunately, you must have a credit card to rent a car at Station Wagon.                                                                 

What are the accepted payment methods on

You can book your car with us using most credit cards and a few debit cards. While booking, you will be informed about the payment methods that are accepted.

It is highly recommended that you pay using a credit card in the lead driver's name. If someone other than the lead driver pays for your reservation, you may need to provide additional supporting documents when the booking is reviewed for security reasons. However, it is not necessary to use the same card to reserve your rental car on our website and pay a deposit at the counter desk.

Important note: A valid credit card in the lead driver's name must be presented at the rental desk when picking up your car to pre-authorize/charge the deposit. The credit card(s) should have embossed numbers and may require a PIN. In case you do not present a valid credit card, there are insufficient funds available on your credit card, or it is not under the lead driver's name, then the car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle. In such cases, no refund will be given for any money paid.

Are there any extra charges for late pickup or drop-off?

If you want to pick up or return your car outside the normal office hours of the rental desk, then the car rental agent might decide to charge an extra 'out-of-hours fee'. We will clearly state any additional charges at the time of booking.